1Why was my direct recharge not successful?
Oh no, we don’t want this to happen! First, check that you entered the right information (phone number, carrier) and whether this information is still correct and up-to-date. So: is the number still active, is it a prepaid number and have you selected the correct carrier (the one associated with that number)? Checked everything, and it’s still not working? Please contact our Customer Care team. They can look at whether something went wrong on the carrier’s end (for example, Vodafone) or if the carrier does not allow the recharge for some reason. If they are not able to make the recharge, then of course, we will deposit the money back into your bank account. If your recharge was not successful, we will send you an email to let you know. If we cannot resolve the issue for you, please request a refund (there is a link in the email we sent you) so we can give you your money back.
2How do I recharge phone credit using a recharge code?
After a successful payment, you will receive the recharge code and instructions by email. With this code you can recharge the credit on the phone by following the instructions. If you believe your recharge has been successful but you don’t have your confirmation email, it is possible that your credit card company is keeping your money in reservation. In that case, you’ll get your money back in a few days and unfortunately, your recharge, hasn’t been successful :( Having troubles with your payment? Please email Thank you!
3Why does my recharge code not work?
If you choose the correct carrier and type the correct number, the code should always work. If you follow the recharge instructions for your carrier, the recharge should work. You can find the instructions in the order confirmation you’ve received by email. You can also call your carrier, they can manually recharge the phone credit for you with your recharge code and phone number. Still having troubles recharging? Please contact our Customer Care team.
4Can I make several recharges at the same time?
Unfortunately, it is not yet possible (sorry!) to make several recharges at the same time. We are working on making this possible in the near future. Would you like to be kept informed about this? Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter.

Placing an order

1What can I do if I accidentally recharged the wrong number?
Have you entered the wrong number and this appears to be someone else’s valid number? Then you made a random other phone user very happy... We're really sorry, but we can't reverse the recharge as soon as a number has been successfully recharged. We’re obsessed with making sure you get your credit quickly and easily, so we do everything we can make the order process as efficient as possible. We’re very sorry to say that ultimately, you are responsible for the number you enter.
2I haven’t received an order confirmation mail, did my recharge go through?
If you have entered a correct email address, you should always get an order confirmation after a successful payment. It is possible that the recharge cannot be processed right away. This could happen, for example, if you fill in a wrong/invalid phone number, when something goes wrong at the carrier or, when the payment has not worked. We always keep you in the know about how your order is going, by emailing you on the email address you gave us. Please make sure to check the spam folder of your email account. We don’t want your order confirmation to end up in the spam folder, so add to your safe senders list. If a payment fails, we will, of course, send you the money back (refund you). It depends on a few things (like, your bank for example) how long it takes before the money is back in your bank account. In the meantime, be sure to regularly check the status of your payment with your bank. In many cases you’ll have the money back within a few working days. Does it take more than a week to get the refund? Please contact us. We understand it’s not a good situation for you! We’ll make sure you get your money back.
3I don’t see the correct carrier after filling in the phone number, what to do?
First check whether the number you entered is correct. Is everything in order on your end? There could be several reasons why you’re still not able to choose your carrier. To start with, there is a possibility we do not (yet!) support your carrier or country. If you can’t find your country of choice in the dropdown-menu, this means that the recharge you want is not an option yet. Could you find the right country but not the desired carrier at the following step? Then we, unfortunately do not (yet!) support this carrier. Another possibility is that our system can’t link your number to the right carrier. If you’re sure about your carrier, you can also change it yourself or change which carrier is selected.
4What is consumption tax and how does it affect my order?
Some countries have tax rules that apply to airtime or data top-ups which mean that the amount you receive for your recharge will be reduced by a certain percentage after you pay. By how much exactly? It depends on the country. Yes, the amount depends on the consumption tax (sometimes known as sales tax) percentage which varies per country. In some countries, the government keeps a percentage of consumption tax on the amount sent to your phone. Unfortunately, we don’t have any control over this, but we let you know on the checkout page if the amount you receive will be reduced because of consumption taxes, and by how much.


1Which payment methods are available?
That all depends on the country you are recharging from. When you’re ordering, you will see which payment methods are accepted, including Mastercard and VISA
2Why don’t I get to see all the payment methods?
We always show you the universal payment methods such as VISA and Mastercard. We also offer local payment methods, such as iDeal and Carte Bancaire. The amount of credit you’re ordering also has an influence on the payment methods you see. Every payment method has its own minimum and maximum amount. Sometimes the currency you’ve selected is not supported by each payment method. These things can mean you do not see all the payment methods. The good thing is that there are still many other payment methods you can choose from!
3Is it possible to get an invoice from my order?
We’ll send an order confirmation to the email address you filled in while placing your order. Unfortunately, our system is not programmed to give out invoices. Direct recharges and recharge codes are excluded from VAT and tax (usually - sometimes consumption tax applies), so if you’re a business customer you don’t have to worry about that. You can find the essential details about your order in the order confirmation you’ve received by email. Can’t find the order confirmation? Please let us know, so we can send it to you again.
4Why do I pay a service fee?
We want to provide you with the best service and to do so we charge a service fee. Why is that? Making use of banking connections and payment methods comes with costs for us too We make sure you can access our website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year You receive your recharge or recharge code within several minutes provides you with a safe payment environment There's an enthusiastic Customer Care team at your service in case you have questions or need some help

Using your phone credit

1What should I do if a promotional bonus from a provider has not come through?
If your bonus wasn’t applied to your purchase, the best thing to do is to contact your carrier. They are responsible for passing on promotional discounts to customers.
2Can my phone credit be used for mobile data?
Of course, we’re happy to take care of your phone credit, but it is up to your carrier to decide what you can use this credit for. Many carriers allow you to use the credit for mobile data as well, but with some you can’t. If you want to know whether your carrier allows you to use your credit for mobile data, please get in touch with your carrier.

Your account and preferences

1Can I make an account on
Sure you can! If you register using your email address and a password, you can check your order history and find out the status of your current orders. Moreover, you can save your personal information, like your carrier and phone number, so your next order be fast as lightning!
2How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
Open the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our newsletters, and we’ll take your email address out of the system. Want our newsletters again? Then you can select the box for newsletters again at your next order and we’ll keep you informed on the news, promotions and giveaways. If you don’t want to receive updates by mail anymore, unsubscription is just a click away.


1Can I refund my order?
If your direct recharge didn't go through straight away and you don't want to wait any longer, you can request a refund. You can do this by clicking the link in the email we sent you about the delay. If you bought a recharge code and didn't receive it yet, it might be possible that the code is (temporarily) out of stock. In this case you can cancel the order and request a refund too. If a direct recharge already succeeded or you already received the recharge code, it unfortunately is not possible to cancel the order and request a refund.
2I haven’t yet received my money back after a refund, what to do?
If you ask for a refund, the amount will be deposited into your account as soon as possible. Processing a refund can always take up to five working days. Sometimes it can take a little longer before the money is back on your account, because your own bank has to process the refund as well. Some banks need time more than others to process a refund. Have you still not received the refund after six days? Then please submit a ticket to our Customer Care team so they can help you.
3How does the money back guarantee work?
We want to make sure that you receive what you pay for! When you’ve entered a correct number, but the recharge fails, you will receive a refund. Also when you ordered a recharge code that is temporarily out of stock, you can request a refund. If you have entered a wrong number, but a valid number of somebody else, we are unfortunately unable to refund the money. The same goes when you have ordered a code for the wrong carrier or country. We are unable to check if the code has been used or will be used in the future, so requesting a refund is not possible. Please always make sure that you enter the correct phone number and/or purchase a code for the correct carrier and country. Long story short: when something goes wrong at our end, but the payment was successful, we will refund the full amount.

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